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Hosting With Online Manual
Table of Contents

We are currently rewriting our manual to better meet the needs of our customers by including actual screenshots and additional notes and information. If you do not see a link to a page, it is currently being rewritten.

Getting Started
General Information
  Domain Name Registration and Transfers
  Contacting Support
  Contacting Billing
    Information About our Servers and Network
  Terms of Service
Uploading Your Website
  AceFTP 2
    Cute FTP
Setting Up and Viewing E-mail
  Microsoft Outlook
  Microsoft Outlook Express
  Netscape Messenger
  Web Based Email
Using The Control Panel
Introduction to your Control Panel
    Features of your Control Panel
    Logging in to your Control Panel
User Accounts
  Adding a New User Account
  Email Parameters
Mailing Lists
  How Mailing Lists work
  Creating a Mailing List
  Integrating a Mailing List With Your Website
Adding Your Own SSL Certificate
  Reasons to have your own SSL certificate
  How to Install a new SSL certificate
  How to Transfer an existing SSL certificate
Additional Site Development Tools
Secure Shell (SSH)
Password Protecting Website Directories
Installing CGI Scripts
  Introduction to CGI Scripting
  Paths to Perl, Date, Sendmail, etc.
  How to Set Permissions
PHP Scripting
ASP Scripting
Server Side Includes (SSI)
Customizing Error Pages (404, 403, 401, 500, etc)


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