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Control Panel Features

Q. What can I do with my Control Panel?

A. There are many things that can done through the your control panel.

  • Add additional user accounts enable all of the following features
    • Add, Modify, or Remove Users
    • Change Passwords
    • Frontpage Extensions for Users (<>/~<user>/)
    • E-mail
    • Secure Shell (SSH)
    • Site Administrator (can modify all of these plus upload to the /web directory)
    • Suspend/UnSuspend Users
    • Change a User's Disk Quota
  • Manage these features of mailing lists
    • The Mailing List Password
    • Allow/Disallow People to Subscribe to the list who aren't users of your website
    • Allow/Disallow People to Post messages to the list who aren't currently subscribed
    • Add recipients manually
  • Manage SSL Certificates
    • Create Certificate Requests
    • Add a manually signed certificate
  • View Site Usage Statistics (in addition to your /stats/ directory)
  • Backup and Restore all of your files manually at any time (in addition to our daily backups)

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