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Uploading Your Files Using CuteFTP

Q. What is CuteFTP?

A. CuteFTP is a very popular FTP program that contians a very easy to use interface. You can download a free evaluation version from our servers.

Note: The trial version lasts 30 days. You may purchase if for $39.95 here.

Q. How do I setup accounts through CuteFTP?

A. Follow the simple instructions below.

  1. Open the Site Manager by clicking on the Site Manager button on the CuteFTP Toolbar.
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  2. Click "New..." button at the bottom left Site Manager Dialog Box.
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  3. Type a name you'll remember for your website and press Enter.
    Examples: "My Site" or ""
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  4. It's time to input the three things you need to login.

    For the FTP Host Address you can use your domain name. If your domain name hasn't transferred yet, you can use your IP address.

    Use the username and password that you got in your welcome e-mail. If you have changed your password, use your new password.

    You may notice that after you begin typing your username and password, the login type changes from Anonymous to Normal. If the login type is not Normal, please change it now. The FTP site connection port need to be 21.
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Additional Information

If you are a Site Administrator and you are publishing files directly to, you need to upload those files to /web. You may need to press the Up a Folder button (). to get to "/" and then double click on web.

Also make sure that you replace index.html with your file. If your index page is named index.htm, make sure you remove index.html.

If you are uploading CGI scripts to your website, you will need to upload them in ASCII mode. If you are uploading images, please make sure you upload them in BINARY mode. You may need to manually change upload types by clicking on Transfer -> Transfer Type -> (mode).

If you need to set permissions to execute a cgi script, simply right click on the file in the right pane and choose CHMOD... Then you can set them manually to 755 or click. They should be:

  Read Write Execute
Owner X X X
Group X   X
World X   X

Please note that if you set permissions to 777 the script will not execute.

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